senzo club CAMPS & ATHLETES

Introducing Service

We provide transfers, all-inclusive accommodation, training facilities, sports equipment, and leisure activities. Choose your sport, list your details and allow for us to provide you with the finest athletic experience and more.

Senzo Sporting Club’s facilities professionally serve all age groups of national teams, clubs, academies, groups, and athletes.

We welcome teams and athletes to camp and train at Senzo Sporting Club. We promise the training you always seek. We finalize all requests to assure your training and camp is successful and rewarding.

We look forward to see you at camp!

Education & Sports at Summer Camp

Book your summer camp and enjoy an extensive program of education and sports.The question is not which comes first, education or sports because they come hand in hand.Choose your educational program and choose your game.

We offer language courses in Arabic, English and German, also critical thinking and awareness.

Don’t forget to match it with your favorite sports. The summer camp will make the best use of summer for you or your child’s mental and physical health.

It is always a great pleasure to inspire and be inspired by the mix education and sports offer together. Such experience truly helps us grow and fulfill our potentials.

It is such an honor to see you at camp, learning and training. Your safety, comfort and needs are professionally handled with care.

We look forward to see you at camp!

Airport & Transfers

Senzo Sporting Club is 10 minutes away from Hurghada International Airport. Book your ticket or allow us to manage all for you.

Senzo Sporting Club group leader is waiting at the airport to warmly welcome you upon arrival, provide transportation to the hotel, and give an introduction. Whether you are arriving alone or with the team, the group leader from Senzo Sporting Club is going to be there at your service and your comfort.

Accommodation & Food

We provide all-inclusive accommodation at 4 or 5 stars hotels.

Athletes and teams have the opportunity to request the type of hotel and food that suits the team. Also, you can allow us to manage it all for you and we will deliver a gratifying experience.

We will make it happen for you to ensure an ultimate pleasant experience. Whether you prefer staying nearby the sports complex or enjoying the sea view, it is all manageable and a request away.

No doubt healthy food and beverage is what every athlete needs, yet everyone have a special order and the chefs know how to deliver your order perfectly.

What makes camping at Senzo Sporting Club special?

Senzo Sporting Club is operating to host professional sports camps, training and tournaments.

We organize friendly competitions at your request to fulfill your team’s athletic experience, keep them motivated and enthusiast.

We provide sports equipment to ease your training and travelling.


1. Senzo Sporting Club has the highest quality sports facilities and education in the Red Sea, Hurghada.

2. Senzo Sporting Club is the first and only multi-sport complex in the Red Sea, Hurghada.

3. The multi-sport complex allows for professional training experience and diverse engaging activities.

4. The enthusiastic spirit, in love with sports and re-creation, in Senzo Sporting Club is motivating!

5. The coaches and employees are experts in the athletics field and athlete’s needs. The staff is more than friendly and always looking to serve and to inspire the community in the best manner.

6. The wonderful space and climate allow you to train at any time, no hot days and no cold nights.

7. Hurghada is beautiful to experience, whether it’s the sea, the beach or the desert. They all give you many opportunities for great activities and unforgettable memories. The city is also offering much modern lifestyle.

8. Hurghada, Egypt is great in cultural understanding, full of and diverse in historic and folkloric remarks.

9. Sharing your experience at Senzo Sporting Club will offer you more than what was highlighted previously.

10. Senzo Sporting Club is an exclusive site, providing maximum safety. It is an honor for us to provide you with professional facilities, training, and competitions, and all needs for your athletic progress.

Cultural Experience & Leisure

Hurghada is the most attractive city on the Red Sea, famous for its breathtaking marine life, comfortable water temperature, and beautiful desert. Hurghada’s activities include:

  • Relaxing Beach Experience
  • Snorkeling & Diving
  • Aqua Parks
  • Sport Groups
  • Glass Boat & Submarine
  • Islands’ Boat Trips
  • Aquarium
  • Quad Drive Desert Safaris
  • Bedouin Village
  • Museums & Sightseeing
  • Restaurants
  • Nightlife
  • Camel Ride

All activities include transfers, lunch, and other services, by request.

There is much more to experience outside Hurghada as well:
How about a visit to the Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and having delightful lunch by the Nile River?
Or do you prefer the Pharaonic and Greek Temples? It is your call.
There is much more to do and see than can ever be done and seen. We will make sure your experience will be unforgettable.

For Sports Camps Packages please contact: Ms. Nahla Hassan: