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We, Senzo Sporting Club developers, acknowledge the importance of sports and health in shaping active and positive individuals and societies. Thereby, through our pleasure and extensive effort, we bring the Red Sea and Hurghada one of the most suitable and beautiful places where professional and amateur athletes train and expand their athletic experiences.

The idea to construct the first sport complex in Hurghada stands out. In 2012, the construction of Senzo Sporting Club took place and was ready to operate in 2nd of May 2016. Now, Senzo Sporting Club is contented to carry the torch of promoting sports and surpassing the client’s expectation.

Senzo Sporting Club provides high quality services, sports and leisure, for athletic teams, Hurghada residents as well as hosting national and international tournaments. Finally, our vision is to transform Hurghada City into a destination for sports tourism.


We are determined on promoting athletics and on transforming Hurghada into a global sports center.
We are self-motivated to inspire others to achieve ever growing athletic ability.


Our aim is promoting athletics and supporting sustainable competitive success for national teams, clubs, academies, groups, professional athletes, amateur athletes, and children. We inspire professional athletes to impulse their dreams through, as well as, motivate amateur athletes to become professionals.

We are providing the highest quality facilities where coaches and athletes unite to overcome challenges and achieve goals in safe, healthy, and positive environment. We are found to be the best destination for athletes who are seeking for professional training, workout and participation in tournaments.

Senzo Sporting Club is a modern multisport complex set on 105,000 m² area. Senzo Sporting Club is located in Hurghada City (Safaga Road, Red Sea, Egypt), only 10 minutes away from Hurghada International Airport and attached to Senzo Mall. It is situated among a group of luxurious hotels. Hurghada’s fortunate all-year round climate, magnificent sea, plentiful natural points, and engaging events make every ones’ visit and training gratifying.
Our facilities are constructed by international certified companies, licensed by international sports federations. We provide teams, athletes, members, and federations with everything required for professional sports training and tournaments. We are determined to be the greatest target for professional athletes who are seeking for professional athletic training.
We provide transfers, all-inclusive accommodation, training facilities, sports equipment, and leisure activities. Choose your sport, pick your package and allow for us to provide you with the finest athletic experience and more.


The security team covers all gates for both the parking areas and the sports complex to ensure the safety and exclusivity of the community.


We stand for sport progress and improvement!

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A modern multisport complex established on an extensive area of 105,000 m², the Senzo Sporting Club promotes a positive, active, healthy lifestyle through programs that encourage participation, fun and success for children, recreation for amateurs and training for professionals. We provide both members and casual users with everythingfrom sports to leisure activities that ensure every visit is an enjoyable one.

Situated amidst a group of luxury hotels in the city of Hurghada (Safaga Road, Red Sea, Egypt) and attached to the Senzo Mall just minutes away from the Hurghada International Airport, we provide the ultimate destination for fun and recreation.

1. Senzo Sporting Club has the highest quality sports facilities and education in the Red Sea, Hurghada.

2. Senzo Sporting Club is the first and only multi-sport complex in the Red Sea, Hurghada.

3. The multi-sport complex allows for professional training experience and diverse engaging activities.

4. The enthusiastic spirit, in love with sports and re-creation, in Senzo Sporting Club is motivating!

5. The coaches and employees are experts in the athletics field and athlete’s needs. The staff is more than friendly and always looking to serve and to inspire the community in the best manner.

6. The wonderful space and climate allow you to train at any time, no hot days and no cold nights.

7. Hurghada is beautiful to experience, whether it’s the sea, the beach or the desert. They all give you many opportunities for great activities and unforgettable memories. The city is also offering much modern lifestyle.

8. Hurghada, Egypt is great in cultural understanding, full of and diverse in historic and folkloric remarks.

9. Sharing your experience at Senzo Sporting Club will offer you more than what was highlighted previously.

10. Senzo Sporting Club is an exclusive site, providing maximum safety. It is an honor for us to provide you with professional facilities, training, and competitions, and all needs for your athletic progress.

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